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Jewelry Store Blog

Sunday, July 01, 2012
One evening I was talking with other jewelers...
HomeHi everyone, welcome back. We’ve passed the 4th of July and this is the season where much of the jewelry trade takes a couple of weeks off for vacations. We are closing for a few days here and there as well for our annual training sessions and seasonal buying, so if you’re coming from a distance to see us, make sure you check in with us first to make sure we will be open when you get here.

Next month we just have Labor Day, then we start the slippery slide into fall, back-to-school, then …yes…the holiday seasons! At least that is how jewelers who want to be prepared need to look at things.

We are at the very early stages of planning our annual trip to Antwerp, Belgium, The Diamond Capital of the World. We have been travelling to Antwerp for nearly 20 years now, for one very good reason. That is where we can pick up the absolutely most beautiful diamonds we have ever seen. Yes, diamond dealers in the US have beautiful diamonds. But in Antwerp we can look at more diamonds in one day than we normally would otherwise see in one year.

When you look at that many diamonds, you find certain stones that “speak” to you. You find diamonds that look better than the other diamonds in the same parcel (and for sale at the same price). It is that hard work with a keen eye for bargains that lead to the incredible values we are able to find.

Let me just share an Antwerp story that illustrates what we mean about the most the most beautiful diamonds in the world. One of our major suppliers in Antwerp was Overseas Diamonds. On my first trip to Antwerp, owner Davy Lapa told me, “we CLAIM to be the largest cutter of ideal cut diamonds in the world. And since we have been making this claim for several years now and have not been sued, I think it must be true!” Sadly, Overseas Diamonds went out of business just a couple of years ago due to an innovative program called “I-C-2” (designed to prove with a computer that their diamonds were more beautiful than competitors) that cost more and produced less than anticipated, but suffice it to say Overseas cut some of the most incredible looking diamonds on the planet.

One evening I was talking with other jewelers about the costs and benefits of selecting these incredible ideal cuts. We talked about the computer technology that was quantifying what we had been taught as diamontologists. Just then a lady who was with our group as a travel planner only spoke up with a statement that led to a moment of clarity for me. She said, “sorry, maybe I shouldn’t say anything because I am not a jeweler or a diamond expert. But can I just say that for whatever reason, those ideal cut diamonds we saw today are the most beautiful diamonds I have ever seen!”

As I said, Overseas Diamonds is no more; but several firms, some of which now employ many of Overseas’ key employees we have come to know as friends, have stepped in to fill the void left by their departure. If you have any interest in an important diamond in the near future, talk to us. We are happy to act as your diamond broker, selecting a diamond just for you, and selling it at our cost plus a small commission. We feel that this is positively the best way you can possibly buy the diamond of your dreams!

Thanks for checking in with us, and we hope to see you soon!

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