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Hacker Jewelers Storefront in Tecumseh, MISeptember 2015

Wow, that was fast…the summer has pretty much passed us by already! But the good news is that our fall merchandise has also arrived, and we are filled to the brim with the biggest and best selection we have ever offered! If you have ever kicked yourself that you should have bought something at an earlier time than when you were shopping for it; you know, when the price was affordable…this is the year you should consider buying fine jewelry.

Precious metal prices are now at their lowest level in more than five years. Gold is over 40% less than it was about four years ago, and silver is less than one third of its peak price. This makes for GREAT jewelry values for those who buy now! We found so many bargains when restocking this year, we more than doubled our typical fall purchase levels.

When doing our fall buying, we found that colored gemstones are returning to prominence. We found collections everywhere that featured vibrant colors in all hues of the rainbow. With two Graduate Gemologists on our staff, we truly have a love of colored stones; and hence a great selection of natural colored gemstones. We stock everything from agate to zoisite!

We also found great values in gold and silver fashion jewelry; with and without diamonds. Diamond jewelry that moves (Shimmering Diamonds, Dancing Diamonds, etc.) is still “white hot”. Diamond fashion is trending away from square cuts like princess cuts, and into diamonds with curves like ovals, pears, and cushions. Of course rounds never go out of fashion, and are ALWAYS in style!

Fancy colored diamonds continue to be better recognized by the general public, leading to strong demand. Since natural fancy colored diamonds are some of the rarest gemstones on earth, prices remain strong for these treasures. Remember that we have one of the largest selections of natural fancy colored diamonds that you will find anywhere in the area!

Most of our fancy colored diamonds have been purchased on our past trips to the World Diamond Centre of Antwerp, Belgium. We will be returning there again this year in late October. While we are there, how about we pick up a special diamond just for you?

If you are not familiar with our Antwerp Diamond Broker program from previous years, here it is in a nutshell. You tell us the diamond you are looking for…size, shape, and quality; and we go on a treasure hunt for you. We use our expertise to sift through literally hundreds of diamonds to select the perfect gem for you. Then we sell it to you at OUR COST plus a small commission.

Why would we do this, you might ask. Well, for a few reasons. For one, it is extra business for our store. The diamond is presold and we don’t have to worry if it will sell or figure in normal costs like overhead. The second is that it increases our purchases in those Antwerp diamond offices. This of course increases our importance to those diamantaires, which helps us negotiate better prices for the diamonds we are purchasing for our own inventory.

The third reason is more subtle. Having big, beautiful diamonds worn by our customers is the best advertising we could ever do. We pick out only THE MOST BEAUTIFUL diamonds for our customer’s budgets, rejecting hundreds in the process. These invariably get noticed by people who ask where they came from…you get the idea.

If you have ANY interest in purchasing a diamond in the next year or so, come see us by the middle of October. Talk to us about what you are looking for and we can go from there. We truly believe that our Antwerp Diamond Broker program is THE BEST way for our customers to acquire the diamonds they have always dreamed of owning!

Thanks for visiting our site again, and we hope to see you in our store soon!


Photo courtesy of Adin

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