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Hacker Jewelers Storefront in Tecumseh, MIHi everyone, Happy 2015! We hope your holiday season was great. Thanks to you, we closed our books on another stellar holiday season and business year. It is a fantastic feeling to know you trust us to be your jeweler, and we do truly appreciate your business!

Slowly we are catching up on all of those little projects that got delayed as we concentrated on getting Christmas gifts out on time. If we mentioned to you about a repair that needs to be done but could wait until after the holiday rush, now is a good time to come in and get that taken care of.

January’s birthstone is garnet, but did you know that garnet is not a kind of gemstone, but rather a family of related gemstones? You probably have the image of garnet as being a dark brownish red color. Indeed, almandite and pyrope garnets, two of the most common varieties of garnet are usually deep red. But garnets come in every hue except blue, and some even change colors depending on the light conditions. Two of the most valuable varieties of garnet, tsavorite and demantoid, can have some of the most beautiful green colors you will ever see in a gem.

As a jewelry store with gemologists on staff, we have a deep appreciation for colored gems and stock a WIDE variety of color in both loose and mounted pieces. The gemstones we have featured in our gallery here are just a tiny fraction of what we have to offer. If you are looking for something beautiful and unique, be sure to contact us.

We’ve recently added a few great “new” pieces to our Estate and Antique cases. Check our galleries regularly to see some of these additions. Better yet, stop in and check them out in person; you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for visiting out site again; we look forward to seeing you soon!


Photo courtesy of Adin

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